Struggling with mid-life weight gain?

  • Safely reach your natural weight in 12 weeks
  • Easy to follow programme suitable for men & women
  • No fads, just normal food, 3 meals a day

Since 2002, Over 500,000 people in over 30 countries have found success with the Metabolic Balance® programme.

It’s not a Magic Bullet. It’s a scientifically proven system that works

  • Hit 40 and suddenly nothing fits?
  • Can’t get rid of stubborn belly fat?
  • However little you eat, or how much you exercise, nothing works?
  • Old shortcuts to lose a few pounds just don’t work anymore?
  • Worried about your future health?

“I’ve been in the wellness industry for almost a decade, and Metabolic Balance® is the only weight management programme I’ll deliver to my clients.”

I lost almost a whole stone in my first two weeks. It’s been easy. I’ve enjoyed the food, within 10 days my complexion was transformed and I look five years younger. If you want to enjoy losing weight and feeling better in yourself, Katie is the ‘life support’ you deserve.

Christopher Harrison – Global Head of Learning & Capabilities Development – PUBLICIS GROUPE – West Sussex

After years of failure, I’ve lost almost 2 stone in 7 weeks. Katie is a genuine source of strength and support. In particular I am grateful for her gift of positivity which, for me, has made the process less about denial and more about renewal.

Tim Bishop – QC – East Sussex

I was worried that Metabolic Balance would be just the same as the other diets I’ve tried in the past. But I was very wrong. I’ve lost just under 2.5 stone (15.6kg) in 12 weeks. All my coaching was by phone – it was super organised, simple and suited me perfectly.
I feel fantastic, get loads of compliments and I know this is how I’ll eat for the rest of my life. It’s realistic, I’m no longer constantly hungry and I know I can still go out for meals and enjoy my social life. Katie and Metabolic Balance® have transformed my life. Thank you Katie.

NH – London – May 2020

Click the videos below to hear about Chris and Cath’s experience on the Metabolic Balance® programme.

Clients regularly lose 14lbs in the first 3 – 4 weeks

  • Plan fits easily with family meals and work-day lunches
  • Reach & maintain your natural weight forever
  • Learn how to make the right food choices on holidays & when eating out 
  • Expert guidance & support from an experienced coach with proven success in mid-life weight loss
  • Mobile app makes staying on-plan easy, and shopping a breeze

Trying to lose weight after 40 can be frustrating & miserable

Why? Because as soon as you stop the diet, the weight usually just goes straight back on.

But it’s not your fault. It’s because most diets rely on willpower for their success.

They don’t get to the root of the problem.

Sustainable weight-loss is achieved by rebalancing hormones, regulating insulin and identifying the foods that support you best.

Most diets focus on denial. This denial triggers ancient biological adaptations that protect us from starvation, slowing down our metabolism and making us hungrier.

Willpower is no match for these ancient programmed hormones.

Metabolic Balance® is different.

Based on science and over 40 years of clinical and nutritional research, your Metabolic Balance® plan is based on your own individul bio-chemistry, identified by a simple blood test.

It works by resetting your individual metabolic pathways through a 12 week personalised nutrition programme. The programme expertly calculates the types and exact amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats you personally need to feel satisfied, stabilising your blood sugar and balancing insulin so you won’t be hungry.

You are totally unique, and so is your plan. Metabolic Balance® isn’t a diet, it’s a sustainable way of eating for life.

Metabolic Balance®

  • Change negative eating habits, replace with positive habits, for life
  • Eliminate food cravings and feel in control again
  • Gain extra energy – banish mid-afternoon slumps
  • Fit into your favourite clothes
  • Feel confident about your body again
  • Sleep better, and wake feeling refreshed
  • Balance your hormones for improved health
  • Improve gut health, reduce inflamation & protect against disease

The 12 week programme consists of 4 simple phases

Phase 1

Prepare your body

Phase 2

Metabolism adjustment & hormonal balance

Phase 3

Relax into your new way of eating

Phase 4

The rest of your life

Would you like to join the 500,000 people who’ve already reached their ideal weight?

  • Whether you want to lose 6 pounds or 36
  • If it feels like you’ve tried every available diet plan, but nothing ever works
  • If you’re burnt out, drained and generally a bit ‘bleurgh’
  • If your clothes don’t fit anymore, and you dread shopping for new clothes in larger sizes
  • If you’re constantly craving sugar and carbs
  • If you’re exhausted, with no motivation to exercise
  • If you’re avoiding the bathroom scales
  • If you’re snacking and overeating

The Lean Rebalance:

Let’s get you feeling like the real you again

The Lean Rebalance Book Cover

My clients rely on 19 Mid-life Weight Loss Secrets.

They’re really effective for dropping a few pounds, especially when you do them all at the same time.

Unlike quick fix plans that just don’t work, these 19 sensible, healthy tips will set you up to permanently balance your blood sugar and your hormones, taking away the need for willpower and constant dieting, so you feel as good at 45 as you did at 25!

Discover my 19 Secrets to Mid-life Weight Loss.

The Lean Rebalance Book Cover

Discover my 19 Secrets to Mid-life Weight Loss.

My clients rely on 19 Mid-life Weight Loss Secrets.

They're really effective for dropping a few pounds, especially when you do them all at the same time.

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